This is my first tattoo, what is the process to go about getting a tattoo?

We always recommend coming in for a free consultation, these are held at 10am- 10.30am Tuesday – Friday and by appointment on Saturday morning. From here we will talk about your ideas and match you to an artist who specialises in this style. We ask that all clients pay a $50 drawing deposit; this will come off the price of your tattoo on the day you get it. Initially you will be given a design concept, which we work with the client on until we reach a final design.

I'm booked in for my tattoo, what can I expect on the day?

On the day of your tattoo, we will make any final changes to the tattoo design, work together to size and place the tattoo on the body. Once this is done, your artist will make a stencil of your sized design, this is a line guide used by your artist to make your tattoo. When placed on the body it will give you a fair idea of what your tattoo will look like. Remember its no hassle for us to try your stencil in a few different positions or move around. When your stencil has been applied and dried, we are ready to go!

How to I prepare for my tattoo?

We always recommend having a good meal before you get tattooed, a lot of clients like to bring along something sugary to keep their blood sugars up during their tattoo. Make sure you are wearing clean clothes and your skin is clean, a tattoo is essentially an open wound, any surface it comes into contact with can risk spreading bacteria onto your tattoo.

How do I care for my tattoo?

Your artist will give you a full run down on how best to care for your tattoo as well as provide take home aftercare instructions.

What product do I use on my tattoo?

We stock an amazing organic and locally made Tattoo Balm – Tattoo Salve, and recommending this to ensure a great heal.

What do I do if I need a touch up on my tattoo?

We guarantee all our work with a free touch up, touch up appointments are available 10.30am Tuesday – Friday and must be booked in advance. Unfortunately we do not offer free touch ups on a Saturday, should you need to book a touch up on a weekend it will be charged at Standard Rate.

How long can I expect to wait for my design?

Wait time can vary on design work, if you are already booked in we aim to have your design to you 7 days prior to your booking. Booked clients designs take priority because we need them ready for your appointment. Usual turn around for your tattoo design is 1-3 weeks. We always recommend booking at the time of your consultation to avoid a longer wait time on design.

What payment do you accept?

Payment options, we take EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard and Afterpay.

I came in for a consultation but I haven’t heard back about my design?

Message us! We juggle so many consultations each week and have a heavy workload. Its never a hassle to follow up on your design or check in with your artist.

I'm under 18, can I get a tattoo?

Yes! Under Auckland City bylaws people over the ages of 16 can be tattooed with parental consent. We do require a parent to physically come in store and sign the consent document and the person receiving the tattoo must have a current ID.

I'm over 18 but don’t have my ID with me, can I still get tattooed?

No, for our own protection, we require anyone who looks under 25 to provide identification to prove their age.


All bookings require a Booking Deposit; this is non-refundable.

All Cancellations require at least 48 hours notice.

Drawing deposit

These are non refundable deposits that are used as a credit towards the cost of your tattoo.

I want to get a tattoo but I’m not sure what I want.

Come in store! We have tones of flash available and ready for tattoo! Or use them for inspiration and we can custom design a tattoo for you based on any flash that catches your eye.

I have a tattoo idea, can I have something designed?

Yes! This is all part of our service, book a consultation, come and talk to us about what you have in mind, pay your $50 drawing deposit and we will begin working on concepts for you.